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Georgia Auto Accident Law – Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act (TADRA)

Posted on June 19th, 2014 by Admin

Regulations, fines, and driver responsibility laws vary in each state and are continually changing regarding accident responsibility. For a more detailed explanation of your specific situation or potential case, contact the Atlanta, Georgia auto accident attorneys of The Cochran Firm Atlanta.

Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act (TADRA)

The Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act was created to decrease the amount of auto accidents in the young adult driving bracket. The TADRA laws give drivers from 15 through 18 driving responsibility in a graduated three-step education process. To prevent car crashes and accidents the first step, called an instructional permit, allows drivers age 15 can only drive with a member of their family who is over 21 and has a valid Class C driver’s license after they pass a written test.

The second step, called intermediate license, restricts drivers between 16 and 18 from driving between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. For the first six months of this period, the driver must only drive with immediate family. For the next six months they are then allowed to have only one passenger under 21 years old in the car while driving. The last six months they are allowed to drive with three passengers or less that are under 21 years old.

Step three is a full driver’s license, which is only received after 40 “day hours” and six “night hours” of supervised driving are completed. Additionally, the young driver cannot have incurred a major traffic violation within the prior 12 months.

If you have a young driver in Georgia and would like more information on the TADRA laws and fines, then contact the auto accident law firm of The Cochran Firm Atlanta.

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