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CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT Watch: Atlanta-based Law Firm Accused of Cover Up; Atlanta-area Harvard Graduate named in class action suit against Harvard University

Posted on June 18th, 2015 by Admin

Lawyer says GM and Atlanta-based law firm conspired to cover up defect. The plaintiffs class action lawyer who is suing General Motors Co. over its ignition switch has filed a motion accusing the Detroit automaker and its outside law firm King & Spalding of conspiring to cover up the defect. The motion charges that King & Spalding violated professional conduct rules after it learned of alleged “ongoing fraudulent concealment” regarding the ignition switch issue from GM. The plaintiff’s attorney is requesting that documents that typically wouldn’t be disclosable under attorney-client privilege rules be turned over.

21-year-old Fadhal Moore, is part of a group seeking to enter into a lawsuit, originally filed by conservative advocate, Edward Blum, who over the years has enlisted white plaintiffs to challenge race-based policies. This case, which is being brought against Harvard, argues that the university violates civil rights law by holding Asian Americans to a higher standard and surpresses Asian American admissions’ numbers. The complaint cites studies showing Asian Americans have better academic records than members of other ethnic groups but are disproportionately rejected for admission to elite schools. In its rebuttal, Harvard denies capping Asian American admissions. The university said it looks at each applicant “holistically.” In a public statement in May, Harvard general counsel Robert Iuliano said that weighing many characteristics is essential to Harvard’s academic mission and that its approach is consistent with federal law. The civil rights group representing the blacks and Hispanics, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, along with a Boston affiliate, lists five Harvard students by name in its request to join the case. The group recently filed papers seeking to enter the case, arguing they are the “real targets.” The group fears that if Blum is successful, there would be dire consequences for blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans would be “catastrophic,” and they cannot rely on Harvard to represent their interests.

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