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What Can You Do about Nursing Home Abuse?

Posted on December 18th, 2014 by Admin

When the elderly no longer have the physical or mental capability to fight nursing home abuse, their safety depends on family and friends.  If your loved one suffers from inexplicable bruises, bed sores or malnourishment, these are signs of abuse.  Consult a lawyer about Atlanta nursing home neglect and find out about taking legal action.

Nursing home abuse is a problem in Georgia.  An FBI investigation led to indictment for gross nursing home neglect when authorities discovered that three Georgia nursing homes run by the same owner provided inadequate air conditioning and heat for its residents.  The buildings had leaking roofs, rodents, flies, mold, and mildew.  Residents did not receive enough to eat either, and this was despite the fact that the owner collected more than $32.9 million from Medicare and Medicaid.  The money was supposed to provide for medical treatment, sanitary and safe conditions, nutritional meals, and staff assistance.  However, the facilities were also understaffed, with not enough nurses to meet residents’ needs.  Eventually complaints mounted up from employees who received bad checks and from vendors such as food suppliers, pharmacies, laboratory services, trash disposal and more who went unpaid.  Staff sometimes used their own money to buy groceries so residents could eat.  Fraud was also rampant, with the nursing home billing for non-existent residents and services that were never delivered.  The criminal case led to a precedent-setting ruling where a judge for the first time ever convicted based on payment claim submissions for worthless services.

This is an extreme case and you do not have to wait for conditions to become this severe to win a civil nursing home abuse case.

If you suspect your loved one is being subjected to nursing home abuse, contact the Cochran Firm Atlanta.  Our lawyers are committed to getting your loved one deserved compensation and bringing the matter to light so others do not suffer similar abuse.

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