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Talcum Powder May Increase Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Talcum Powder is often used as a feminine hygiene product to stay cool and prevent vaginal odors. In mid-2014, 65 women filed a class-action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson for allegedly knowing that talcum powder contained toxic properties and publicized misleading information about the safety of their products, specifically Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder and […]

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Atlanta Rollover Truck Accident Attorneys

One of the most common types of trucking accidents in Atlanta is a truck roll over. This happens when the driver loses control of the vehicle, causing the truck to literally roll over, landing on its side or even it’s roof. This usually results in the truck colliding with, pinning down or even landing on […]

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Common Injuries from Trucking Accidents

At The Cochran Firm Atlanta, we represent all victims of accidents involving 18 wheelers. There are guidelines that commercial truckers must follow in order to preserve the safety of not only themselves but those driving around them as well. Unfortunately, there are factors that can contribute to truckers causing severe accidents, whether it is reckless […]

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Semi Truck Accidents in Atlanta

At The Cochran Firm Atlanta, we understand that semi truck accidents in Atlanta are always devastating. These accidents can be caused by a number of factors, whether it is reckless driving on the trucker’s behalf or negligence on his/her employer’s behalf (i.e., not fully training the driver, or the company not maintaining the truck’s mechanics […]

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Georgia Auto Accident Law – Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act (TADRA)

Regulations, fines, and driver responsibility laws vary in each state and are continually changing regarding accident responsibility. For a more detailed explanation of your specific situation or potential case, contact the Atlanta, Georgia auto accident attorneys of The Cochran Firm Atlanta. Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act (TADRA) The Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act […]

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Legal Advice For Victims of Car Accidents

Unfortunately, car accidents happen and when they do, they can cause financial, physical, and emotional havoc. While there is no requirement that you consult with an attorney after you suffer an injury in a car accident, it is wise to do so. Insurance companies are not your friends. Our Georgia car accident lawyers would be […]

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